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This rich aroma pairs well with its densely packed, and highly exfoliating, coffee grinds found throughout the bar. When you wash up small bits of coffee grind will become visible in the water and go down the drain like dirt. The decorative bean toppings may fall off after some use as well.


This bar is great for in the shower, or by the sink! Did you know coffee is a natural scent neutralizer? That is why it's usually in those sniffing jars by perfume displays. You can use this to your advantage and wash up with this bar after cutting up pungent foods like garlic or onions!    


Wake me Up Coffee

SKU: 003


  • Care: Keep out of running water and dry when not in use by using a soap lift or other suitable replacement. If left in water, the soap will not last as long. 

    Use: Always test product on a small area of your skin for any potential sensitivities. 

    Products range slightly in size, color, pattern or scent as all batches are handmade in small amounts. Sizes can range from  3.5oz to a 4.8oz.


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