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About Us

Spriggits is a small woman-owned business built by a passion for creativity and a strong belief in returning to natural elements and sustainable practices. We try our best to minimize waste and consciously make efforts to select only the best ingredients for our products. Spriggits carefully formulates recipes we believe will better the lives of those we serve. We are constantly working to improve and grow to better suit the needs of those we serve as well as our planet. 

Behind the scenes, Spriggits is run by an army of one, so please be patient with questions and orders. Thank you. 

Where it all began...

As someone who cares deeply for the environment, I am always actively trying to reduce my plastic consumption, decrease my carbon footprint, and increase self-sufficiency to become more sustainable. If you take a bit of that passion, two years' time, a bit of trauma and well, it all made for a hobby that stuck and turned into a business.

Hello. My name is Jordan Mini and I am the one running Spriggits behind the scenes. My journey with soap-making kicked off 2020 amidst the beginning of COVID and a few months into my father's battle against cancer. He passed away in 2021 and the reality of how short life really can be hit me hard. I realized I needed to start living my life to the fullest and stop waiting to start pursing my passions. 

My friends and family loved my handmade soaps so I decided to share them with the world. My boyfriend was the one to give me that loving push I needed to officially launch Spriggits. I couldn't be more grateful for the people in my life that have guided and supported me along the way in this new journey. Before my dad passed away we grew closer than we had been before. I would tell him about my job and all the new responsibilities I had taken on in a short time and he would always ask me when I was going to be "manager". Well, I never did become a manager so to speak but I took the skills I learned and started fresh; on my own. I am now the "Boss" and I know my dad would be very proud of me. I take a lot of comfort in that, and it's nice to think how something good can come from something so terrible.


I've learned so much building this business and am grateful for this outlet and experience. Thank you for being here and supporting my dream.  🤍 I truly hope that I can help you on your sustainable journey to maximize your personal care and home routines with simple and clean ingredients all while ditching plastic waste for good.

Jordan Mini

The one wearing all the hats around here.

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