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Spriggits Policies

Terms and Conditions

Updated as of June 3rd, 2023


The following terms and conditions are required to be followed in order to access and use any website, social media site, communications exchange, or any other platform affiliated with Spriggits. Spriggits may be referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”. You may be referred to as “customer”, “you”, or “your”. Use of the above listed will encompass any services, or functions related to orders, sales, transactions, purchases, or the acquisition of goods or products from Spriggits. By proceeding with any purchase, subscription, account setup, or notification you are agreeing to the term presented here. 


Prior to using any service provided by Spriggits, you must accept the terms and conditions, and all other policies listed here. When you choose to use our services or make a transaction through Spriggits you have agreed to the policies here without limitation or qualification as you have agreed you read and understand the terms and are bound by them.


By using Spriggits services you also acknowledge, agree, and consent to terms listed in our Privacy Policy. If you do not accept these terms you must discontinue your use of Spriggits and exit without delay as your use is now prohibited.   


In order to use this service, you must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or guardian granting you consent. Spriggits does not have an intended target of children under the age of 18. If you are not 18 and are not accompanied by a parent or guardian providing consent for service use, you are NOT permitted to use this service. 


Terms may change at any time as it is our right to update these terms which will be effective immediately upon update. It is your responsibility to review changes. Continued use of our services means you are in agreement with our terms and conditions. If at any point you do not agree with these terms, then you may not use our services. You are also not allowed to use these services if it is prohibited in your country or by any laws or regulations applicable to you. 


Upon using our services to purchase an item you are solely responsible for reading the full item description and details prior to purchase. We reserve the right to change or correct errors in pricing, taxes, and other related costs at any time.  Ingredients and descriptions are also subject to be updated at any time. Please review all information prior to purchase for the most updated information. At any point in time or for any reason, we may stop providing any given service or offer any particular item with or without reason or notice.


There are no warranties or guarantees on any product or service provided by Spriggits. 


All Intellectual property, software, images, text, videos, graphics, logos, patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights, audio, etc are all the exclusive property of Spriggits and other third parties. You agree not to use, copy, sell, reproduce, distribute, adapt, display, edit, or create work derived from this property. 


We hold the right to, without notice or reason at our sole discretion including if you violate any of our terms, permanently or temporarily suspend or terminate your account with us. All purchases in which payment was received and made prior to this will be fulfilled.   

Privacy Policy

Updated as of June 3rd, 2023 


Information directly obtained by us from you is used to aid in your experience to ease the use of a personal account, make purchases, and receive updates and promotional emails. This information may include your email, first and last name, username, password, billing address, shipping address, phone number, and payment processing information. This information is necessary to place purchases using our service. If you choose to post a review at any time after first-hand experience of a product please make sure not to include any personal information in your post as those reviews will be publicly displayed. 


Information automatically collected when you agree to use our services is used to help improve the service available to you. Internet protocol or IP address is used to connect your device to the internet. Cookies are in use for our services and from third parties that enable us to provide a wider venue of services and monitor analytical data to better your interaction with us as well as fraud prevention, technical, and diagnostic purposes. Information may be shared with service providers for marketing emails, and payment processing. 


When electing to make an account for purchases you are responsible for keeping your account information private. If at any point you believe your account has been taken over by someone that is not you please contact customer support immediately. 


When using our payment services you are using third-parties payment processing providers with their own set of terms and services through Wix Payments, Adyen B.V, Stripe, Square, or Paypal.


Our Service may contain links to websites and services not provided by Spriggits. Once you have left our website any personal information given out by you or obtained by third parties is not held liable to Spriggits. Exercise caution before providing information to outside sources. While we do not intend for your information to be breached or disclosed, we cannot guarantee this couldn't happen and any information provided to us is at your own risk. Wix, the eCommerce platform used by Spriggits, is committed to protecting sensitive data an accredited as a level 1 service provider and merchant. Wix is also compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 certifications as well as TLS certification.   


The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) allows EU visitors to request to receive a copy of their data being processed on our site. California residents may also request to receive or permanently delete their data through CCPA. Please contact us if you require this service.   


International users should be aware this site is based in the United States and intended for US visitors. If you have entered this site from outside the United States please note by using this service you transfer personal information under different data protection laws than European Union and other regions.

Shipping Policy

Updated as of June 3rd 2023


Once an order is placed through Spriggits, our team will assemble the order and any packaging materials in preparation for shipping. This process typically takes 1-2 days but may take up to 5 days. Rarely will it take longer than this time frame, but it is possible. Once processed, and packaged, the order will be placed in the care of USPS, or occasionally UPS. Shipping options and rates will be automatically calculated at checkout based on the location and weight of items. Options available include flat rate priority and first-class. Delays may occur during times of inclement weather and holidays.  At this time Spriggits offers domestic shipping to all 50 states of the United States.  Spriggits will ship out packages Monday-Saturday after orders are fully processed. We are not held liable for packages sent to the wrong address due to your own entry in the shipping boxes. We are also not liable for stolen packages. If you have any issues with your order we can do our best to assist in contacting the delivery services used but this will not be our responsibility.


Updated as of June 3rd 2023


Spriggits operates on an eCommerce platform accessible by computers, mobile devices, tablets, and other connected devices. When using our services you agree to the use of cookies and other tracking technologies from third-party partners such as but not limited to Wix, google for marketing, improving user experience, analytical data, etc. You may disable the use of cookies in your browser settings but this may limit the capacity of our services provided to you.


Resources for learning about cookies can be found below.

  • Cookie settings in Firefox

  •  Cookie settings in Internet Explorer

  • Cookie settings in Google Chrome

  • Cookie settings in Safari (OS X)

  • Cookie settings in Android

  • Tracking by Google Analytics

Refund Policy

Updated as of June 3rd 2023

All sales are final at time of purchase. No refunds. 

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