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arrangement of leaf shaped Coconut Shell Soap Dish holding bar of soap
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What wonder fits you best?

Can't decide? Let us curate the best choices for you based on your answers to this fun quiz.

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Kristin: Fabulous Soaps

These soaps not only leave your skin feeling very clean and fresh but also leave such a light and wonderful scent. I particularly love the coffee bean soap. The exfoliating coffee bean bits are amazing, and the smell is perfect!! I love the environmentally conscious choices made not only in the ingredients of these bars, but also the packaging!! Awesome product!!

Alan: Thank you Jordan 

What wonderful soaps for any occasion. They make great gifts for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Weddings, and anything else you can think of. Oh and give yourself a few bars. We always need to remember ourselves. Better stock up for the Christmas Holidays now. It's always so nice to have a little bit of Maine to make you clean. 

Shannon: I'm Obsessed!

These are soooo nice! They smell amazing and makes your skin feel clean and fresh without any residue like other soaps. I have to order extra next time, I've been giving these away as gifts and sharing with friends. 10 out of 10 recommend. 

Tiffany: These Soaps Smell Devine

I love the soaps I have gotten from Spriggits! They are high quality and the scents are amazing. I love the way that my skin feels after using them, too. I am looking forward to my next order!

Natalie: Lovely Soaps!

I got two bars, the vanilla sugar and the Honey & Oat. Both bars have been lovely. They foam up well and smell nice. I'd definitely recommend to family and friends.

We offer the sustainable skincare solution you need! Our products are made with natural ingredients most of which are organic, and all packaging is reusable, biodegradable, or compostable - no single-use plastics. Never again will you have to compromise your values for eco-conscious products or luxurious skin loving ingredients. Let us help you take a leap in the direction toward living your most sustainable life. Its time to say goodbye to extensive chemical ingredient lists, wasteful unnecessary plastic packaging, and bulky not so travel friendly products and say hello to uniquely handmade, travel friendly and clean cruelty free personal care staples. We are here for you. 

Need a seriously "we mean business" kind of soap? We got you. Try the Brig N' Bones soap. It was formulated for AND approved by mechanics, landscapers, contractors, carpenters, and even painters! Got sensitive skin? No worries here because we have two completely unscented products with transparent and simple clean ingredients lists approved by friends with very reactive skin. Try out the Honey & Oat soap, or the unscented lotion bar. Acne got you down? Give the Rose & Charcoal bar a try. You are not alone in the world of breakouts that's why we formulated this bar especially for this instance. If none of these things have tickled your fancy so far then you haven't explored enough. We have soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, dish scrubbing brushes, soap lifts, and even shampoo and conditioner bars! 

Unlock that Natural Beauty with Spriggits Today!

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