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Effortless cleanse for all hair types matched with a fresh and floral scent stemming from real honey, cucumber, and honeysuckle. This bar is travel-friendly from its solid nature and a great plastic-free alternative to traditional shampoo. Apply directly to wet hair starting at the roots and working toward the back of your neck. Do not go against the grain if you will for your hair (ends to roots) This can cause friction and breakage. About 2-4 swipes of the bar should be enough to get to lathering with lots of cleansing bubbly action. Rinse with water.


FREE from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, syntheic colorants, fragrance oils, silcone, sls, and slsa!


If you have more oily hair, a shampoo might be all you need! If you have more dry hair then follow up with our Honey So Supple Conditioner bar. 

Shampoo Bar - Honey So Supple

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  • Care: Keep out of running water and dry when not in use by using a soap lift or other suitable replacement. If left in water, the bar will not last as long and could become too soft to hold its shape. 

    Use: Always test the product on a small area of your skin for any potential sensitivities prior to use. 

    Bars can differ slightly in appearance as these are hand-pressed into molds, so there may be small imperfections. 

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