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This powerful duo works wonders on the skin. The rose and charcoal bar was designed specifically to be a facial cleansing bar, but it can be used on the body as well. The addition of activated charcoal to this soap provides the skin with a detoxifying, deep cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Its partner in crime, kaolin clay, also carries some of the same attributes. While these two important ingredients do not strip the skin, we have added additional benefits such as moisturizing oilings and replenishing rosehip for happy healthy skin. If you aren't in it for the skincare benefits, you will certainly be in it for the lovely floral scent. 

Rose and Charcoal

SKU: 001


  • Care: Keep out of running water and dry when not in use by using a soap lift or other suitable replacement. If left in water, the soap will not last as long. 

    Use: Always test product on a small area of your skin for any potential sensitivities. 

    Products range slightly in size, color, pattern or scent as all batches are handmade in small amounts. Sizes can range from 3.4 oz to 3.8oz.

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