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This dish soap bar packs a powerful punch to any dirty dish in its way. Tackle grime and grease without leaving residue behind! So you can expect those glasses to sparkle and say goodbye to the burnt reminder that you overcooked the cookies on the tray the other night. Best of all, this dish bar is 100% plastic-free! The lather is long-lasting and so is this bar. Our customers have shared an average 3 months use from one bar when only hand washing dishes. 


Approximate Dimensions 1.75 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide 


As these are made in small batches by hand, they may vary slightly in color, size, scent, ect. These bars are approximately 4.3oz. 

Citrus Dish Soap Bar

SKU: 013


  • Saponified oils of (organic coconut, organic castor), organic grapefruit juice, citric acid, essential oil blend, grapefruit peel, dried orange 

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